Dear Survey Respondent,

ICANN has engaged a team comprising some SACF and APC staff members, together with Mark Elkins and William Stucke, to quantify the DNS industry ecosystem in Africa and to identify and define its strengths and weaknesses, and to develop recommendations on how to advance the industry and bring it closer to the opportunities available.

We are tasked with gathering sufficient and relevant information about the African DNS Market. To this end, we have developed a set of six questionnaires in four languages - English, French, Arabic and Portuguese - as well as some zone file analysis software. We have the following questionnaires: -

Registry:		One for each ccTLD and one for each second level domain (2LD).
Registrar:              Organisation authorised to provide subdomains under a Registry.
Registrant / Other:     An entity that has registered a domain, and includes academics and researchers.
Regulator / Government: In most countries these are separate. We want responses from both, please.
Reseller:               An organisation that provides domains on behalf of a Registrar.
IXP Manager:            One for each Internet Exchange Point managed.

Please note that the Registry and Regulator/Government questionnaires need to be enabled by an SACF Team Member. Anyone is welcome to complete all of the other questionnaires, as many times as is appropriate. We hope that all participants will complete the Registrant questionnaire.

Your feedback is also appreciated - please let us know if there are any errors that you spot in the questionnaires, anything that is unclear, any poor translations, and any suggestions for doing things better. This Web Site is a secure website, secured with HTTPS, DNSSEC and DANE.

You may suspend a Questionnaire at any time - returning when you wish to complete it. Some questions offer further help if there is a red (?). Just hover your mouse over the question. If you suspend, you can also ask someone else to complete it further - but they will need your email (login) and Password. We suggest that you do not use a valuable password.

Thank you very much for being part of this study. Your detailed responses will be treated with appropriate confidentiality.

We will also invite you to complete the questionnaires once a year, thus enabling us to track the growth and changing policies in domain names in Africa.

Here is a link to our ICANN Letter of Authorisation (PDF)